019 – DIY Web3 Marketplaces for NFT Projects & the Metaverse with NFTify and Monark Market

Just as every ecommerce entrepreneur has a storefront, every NFT project and Metaverse creator need a place to do business. Nikita Ngan Nguyen (NFTify) and Michael Shoup (Monark, the Faceless Many) explain how users can benefit from the solutions they’re building, discuss pain points of the web3 user experience, and explore solutions/use cases with host, Evan Mann.

0:48 Nikita’s intro – from IT to crypto (also, she’s world-class Salsa dancer—wen metaverse dance party?)
5:24 Nikita’s epic crypto journey: from an ICO for a literal goldmine to the story of NFTify—from startup to DIY marketplace solution.
14:00 What problems does NFTify solve for customers? “The Wix of Web3” for branded NFT Marketplaces, lowering barriers-to-entry for anyone interested in blockchain
17:57 Monark as a case-study: building a marketplace to attract creators to the metaverse
19:45 Why marketplaces? Pain points of blockchain and the metaverse
23:01 Why anyone building in web3 might need a DIY marketplace (Discoverability, data collection, collaboration)
27:11 “We move way beyond JPEGs”: Exciting use cases (Sustainability, user engagement)31:00 The stepping stones to move from web2 to web3 (ease-of-use, integrated payments, custodial wallets)
33:04 What kinds of things will people want to verify ownership of in the metaverse?
37:07 “Most value in the world is non-tangible and non-fungible”: how NFTs will shape the future of identity
40:07 “My grandfather had Alzheimer’s”: Memories on-chain and why Michael will be the first to get a brain-computer interface
42:08 Why collaboration is key in web3: Discussing the synergy between Monark and NFTify in a bear market
47:28 Nikita’s observations on building a sustainable, successful business in “the capital of capitalism,” the US
49:30 How to follow NFTify and benefit from the ecosystem they’re building
51:09 How to join Michael’s ragtag mission to unite metaverse creators
54:55 “Life is a journey to find truth”: working in tech without losing touch with our humanity
57:53 To watch: Snowcrash (novel/film) and We Met in Virtual Reality (documentary)
1:00:32 Audience Q&A: Michael’s Magnum Opus, NFTify’s $N1 token, and thoughts on stablecoins
1:06:54 Closing thoughts: get in touch with Nikita on LinkedIn; “Now is the season to be building”




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