What is PolkaRare? | Features of PolkaRare NFT Marketplace | Steps To Mint NFT!

Hi Everyone!

In Today’s Video, I will try to explain what is PolkaRare and how PolkaRare is different from other NFT marketplace.

📌 Polygon’s integration to PolkaRare’s Web3 economy will allow our users to do:
✨Gas Less Transaction
✨Mint NFT Within Seconds
✨No Metamask Required
🗒️ Go ahead & create some NFTs: https://app.polkarare.com/
👥 PolkaRare Official Social Media Links — https://linktr.ee/polkarare

Video Timestamps:
00:00 — Introduction.
00:07 — What is PolkaRare?
00:23 — Features of PolkaRare?
02:12 — Steps To Mint NFT?