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NFTs are the most liked and discussed topic in the crypto world and this is because of their uniqueness and increasing value day by day. The trend of these NFTs are also increasing with time. We will today discuss the 5 NFTs that will increase up to 50x next week. First NFT in the discussion is Doge Pound, 10,000 art pieces painstakingly picked by Professor Elon. As per the broker, this remarkable computerized assortment of different NFTs lying on Ethereum Blockchain. Everyone is mindfully planned, explicitly picked, and faultlessly formed. As he said: “It’s been around for a long time. The price is overall stable. It has long term connections and utilities,” He added: “For example, Dogepound is going to be serving as a launchpad to get you into a lot of other NFTs earlier. They have a lot of NFT drops coming up…and they’re also going to be sharing profits with Dogepound holders as well from their drops and sales. So what it means is that if you hold one of these you’re going to be generating passive income,”

Talking about it, the official website said about it that the Doge Pound is a full time project for us now and it will keep on being after the public deal. The following is the thing that they are running after temporarily. Every achievement opens when a certain % of doges have been stamped. Future advancements will be chosen and casted a ballot upon by the local area.

The next thing into the discussion is CyberKongz. CyberKongz are one of a kind and haphazardly produced 2D/3D NFT Social Avatars for the Metaverse and impending interoperability with The Sandbox.
As per the merchant, other than producing automated revenue for hodlers that enabling the beginning CyberKongz to latently create 10 tokens (BANANA) each day for the following ten years. The undertaking likewise has an extremely select gaming alpha. There are different versions of these CyberKongz NFTs including: Genesis The OG Kongz, these were the initial 1000 to drop, 10 of which are Legendary. Not exclusively are these the best profile pics around yet they are additionally the main CyberKongz to yield $BANANA every day. Every Genesis Kong produces 10 $BANANA consistently for the following 10 years. To extend the CyberKongz Universe the crazy lab rat Myoo made a computerized reproducing measure permitting ‘adorable as a button’ Baby Kongz to be delivered by rearing two Genesis Kongz, tragically the cycle requires a huge load of energy, so 600 $BANANA are needed to fuel the rearing furor.

Now, let’s talk about the third NFT and that is the Moody Krows. Moody Krows is a new NFT project that has a collection of 10,000 randomly generated Moody Krow NFTs on Immutable, an Ethereum blockchain Layer 2 solution. They are the first PFP collectible on the IMX platform, according to Becker.
“This means you can use your regular MetaMask wallet and ETH with no gas fee. These 10,000 Moody Krows are an expressive collectible avatar made for their Krowmunity,”

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