Hoge #1 Bullish Sentiment + NFT / Merch Giveaway! $Hoge Finance News / Updates

The crypto market is looking bullish with some corrections, which is good since cryptocurrency market benefits from some breathing room! Cryptolaxy drops $Hoge a #1 Bullish sentiment! Hoge and WhiteBit donating 10K USD, Hogeman Club NFT + Merch giveaway, and coinbase wallet updates Hoge? NDAX listing Shiba Inu, which could hint at more memecoins in the future, followed by the burn! enjoy!

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0:59 – Hogeman Club NFTs Live!
1:25 – NFT + Merch Giveaway
2:04 – Hoge #1 Bullish Sentiment
2:44 – Hoge + WhiteBit 10K Donation
3:21 – Coinbase Wallet Update
4:07 – $Hoge Origins Video
4:30 – NDAX listing more Memecoins
5:55 – Daily Burn

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